Simple seasonal decorations

Abigail Ahern

There is a lot of pressure on us over the holidays to cook the best food, decorate the house differently each and every year, re-invent the wheel with unusual dishes, different decorations pressure no one needs. I say ignore all that and do what works best for you. For me I look to nature for my decs and gather branches, lichen, and ivy, things that represent a real sense of the seasons. I am obsessed with foliage such as eucalyptus and herbs such as thyme and rosemary – they scent the house so beautifully. Also and this is personal obviously I don’t want them to take over so when it comes to January and they all come down I don’t want to feel that flat feeling inside so I don’t over do the decs. I buy a few trees (some of them teeny tiny) which I plonk on counters, consoles and tables and…

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