Skills Audit

Summative Statement for Digital Practice


I have never used any of the programmes that we have been shown in Digital Practice with Paul so upon starting these classes i knew nothing and feel now i have a good knowledge and skill as I have now learned a basics/intermediate level of skill in the following areas;



I feel that AUTOCAD was a challenge to start with and i need more classes to keep practicing and coming across more problems to solve.

SKETCHUP is a great toll but i would like to learn more and to understand the process and how to think logically before i start so this will make these programmes easier to use.

Executive Summary 

I am have gained a job full-time over summer in the design field using ARTICAD, SKETCHUP and some AUTOCAD, as i want to come back in my second year more confident in myself and have experience doing live jobs using these programmes.

I am also going to keep practicing in my spare time what i have learned so in year 2 i will be more confident and can concentrate more on the design development side rather than worrying on how to use all these programmes and how to present them.



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