Skills Audit

Summative Statement for Learning to Learn


I have learned so much throughout my 1st year at university. . Also there was a guest tutor Adelina Pintea, who i felt i related to her drawing and the way she explained her illustrations. This the realised an inner sketcher and i then practiced with pen rendering with water colour paint and pro markers and i am really enjoying this experience and learning curve.

I surprised my self doing the Autocad projects as they looked professional and i was very proud of myself for achieving this as in september i felt this wouldn’t be possible.


I feel that i need to work on my perspective drawing. I really struggled with drawing when i started in September, but what i have been taught by Andrew i feel has helped me greatly.

I also need to practice measured perspective drawing using a eyeline etc, this i feel was hard to understand,  so i will need to practice this more.

Executive Summary

Over the summer i am going to practice sketching every week and have a small book to try and sketch whatever wherever i am, this should help me for my future career and my 2 years at university.

In year 2, i am going to start a weekly GANNTT chart for every semester and also a weekly diary. This should help me keep track of my journey and also my organisational and writing skills will improve.

I also may take life drawing classes over the summer prior to starting year 2 to help me with my learning process and to gain confidence.


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